Hello I'm new these forums but I really need help with this.
I am trying to make an application with a small screen on 1 form and then on form2 a windows media player control taking up the whole form. What i'd like to be able to do is when i use the openFileDialog on form1 it plays the video, mp4 etc on my small screen and the big one on form2 as well. I would also like to be able to display messages via a text box on form1.

Any help will be fuch appreciated
I am relativly new to c# so please dont be too heavy on me

Sorry but I dont really understand that I would like to be able to open the video on form1 because that is my controller form

When you open the video on form1 it will fire the mediachange event. In the handler for this event you tell the mediaplayer control on form2 to play the same video. In that article is an example of how to add the event handler and the format of the handler stub. Make the control on form2 public, then you should be able to use form2.mymediaplayer to access the control in form1.

Could you possibly give me some example code i havnt used the mediachange event before

You can look it up in that article I linked to in my first post