Hi Everyone,

I am having an issue with a Windows 7 (Starter) netbook.

When the user logs in "explorer" does not run.

I have checked the regsitry and ensured that the keys were right under
"HKLM/software/Microsoft/Windows-NT/Current Version/WinLogon" (Shell=explorer,exe)
"HKLM/software/Microsoft/Windows-NT/Current Version/WinLogon" (Userinit=C:\Windows\system32\userinit.exe)

I have ran a Malware check and removed a few items from the computer.

Still when I re-boot and log on explorer never runs, and I have to open task manager, show all processes, then run explorer.exe as a new task with admin rights.

The issue does not happen in safe mode, only when booting normally into windows.

Any ideas would be most appreciated!!

Thank you in advance


Did you lately installed and programs or antivirus program..Though most of the time its being a compatobility issue as panda antivirus etc..

NOt as far as I know.

It has an expired version of Norton on it.

I used my DART tool and ran the MS Defender removal tool to get rid of any malware

have you tried a system restore, and restore the computer to a point in time when this did not happen? To perform a restore, boot into safe mode first.

Alternatively, if that doesnt work, you can try a windows repair during the installation process.

If it was my computer and my data was backed up, I would just wipe the drive, format, and reisntall. This process is less than an hour or so and I am sure that you have experienced how nice Windows will run when its first installed. AFter that, its never the same.

Hey all,

Neither of those options Sys Restore or Repair would work either.

Had no Restor points and only had option to reformat in repair.

I DID find a solution though.

It seems that RPC Locator was disabled in services and that meant that RPC could not run correctly

I re-enabled RPC Locator and then started (set for automatic) and now windows loads correclty every time I boot or restart.


RPC Locator service isn't used in Vista or later OSes, it can be set to Manual, Stopped. It only exists so that applications calling it won't throw errors, hence should not be set to Disabled.
RPC service should be Automatic.