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let say i have a form, in this form i make a menu, if i click it, it will show a form, mini form (sub form), in this form i put a textboxt and a button, the textboxt contain some value and changeable, if i push the button, this mini form will close and the value in it will use in the main form, how can i do this?

thanks for the help...

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Form1.Text1.Text = Form2.Text1.Text

Unload Me

''Form1 is your main form, form2 is the form where you get the data from. After you have the data, close the form...

thanks for reply,

if i want the previous value appear in textboxt (in form2) after i click the menu from form 1 to show that form (form 2), and if the button clicked in form 2, the data automatically send to form 1 and form 2 will closing, how i can do that?


try this
declare public type string variable at module

Public oldstr As String

now On Sub Form (Form2)

Private Sub Command1_Click()
oldstr = Form2.Text1.Text
Form1.Text1.Text = oldstr
Unload Form2
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
If oldstr <> "" Then
Form2.Text1.Text = oldstr
End If
End Sub

hope this helps you . . .

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