Hi, I have trouble in video streaming and I spent few weeks in researching on how to display video while receiving video file (H.264 format) from server continuously. I am writing by using VB.net

The server would send me video file in encrytion, what I need to do on client is decrypt the video and display the video in real time continuously. I am trying to use DirectX dll to play the video, but I am stucked in display video in buffering method because the server would send the video continuously. In order to play this video in streaming method, what method can I use? Playing video from memory stream? Or can I play the video file with Play/Stop/Pause while receiving video file from server?

The whole process of server/client video transmission is TCP/IP receiving from server -> Decryption -> Video Display with streaming method. The first two process already done, but I have no idea on video streaming part...

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