good day, I'm some time researching how to organize TabPages the TabControl, but so far there is no example of how to get leaves them in order. I found this code here but still the TabPages are not in order, someone could help. Sorry the English.[^]

TabPages adds this example, but is not in order. In my project, I have 6 and 5 TabPages checkbox, the tabPage1 is the main active when the active checkbox 6 and then checkbox 4, are in this order and tabpage4 tabPage3, but the truth is: tabPage3 and tabpage4. Can anyone help me solve this problem thank any help.

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Your first link does not seem to work.
It also is not very clear what you are trying to do.

Pictures of the form don't mean much without the code that produced it. If you're unsure on how to add your code, in the edit window click 'Code', then paste your code in there, and click Insert Code Snippet

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