Hey guys
i was just wondering if any of you have good links to sources that i can learn assembly from
all i want to know is what the CMP PUSH EAX... means.

basically i just want a reference to help me understand assembly language like in OllyDBG.


I'm hesitant to help you now that I know your intention for learning assembly is hacking.

aww man.. well game hacking isnt that bad at all.. and its one of the easiest ways to learn assembly its like practical..

and man i just want to learn to know how stuff works under the hood D:

This is older, but it's a good introduction that doesn't rely on HLA (the author's personal assembly language) like the dead tree version. Pick an assembler as well, because the documentation and communities will typically offer a lot of information. I'd recommend NASM or FASM.

thank you sir.
i am going to go through that stuff!
ty again