I have to develope video chatting application for my major project.
I have 45 days in hand.

How can i use applet in dynamic web project of java servelt for displaying video ?
How can i make applet to be used on client's browser.

what is the way to make chatting application on java applet?

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Due to lack of good study material of java media framework , i could not practice it much and hence end up with lots of confusions how things works actually .

Thanks for the code , i will study and try my best to understand and then make a similar application .
in case of dificulty i will ask here for help.
You guys are great.

Well, I'm not too good in knowing JMF, but in pieces, maybe we could gather all the info from different solutions provided in both threads into 1 working prog.
As a starting point, I'd like to provide one more link: Code Samples and Apps. The interesting sample is SimplePlayerApplet.java.

It's description:

A simple applet that can be used to run a JMF player for a particular media file, this applet embeds the visual component and control panel component in the browser page.

So, you can start by finding out how it works and how the basic things done there.
Then - you can find, how to use streaming with this Player. And one-by-one add needed functionality to it.

If you'd have any questions about the sample or any other features, that you're going to add, feel free to post here the problematic code or more specific question and people with pleasure will help you.

Just show some effort, because by now your question looks like asking for a ready-made solution.

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