Hi guys,

I am facing some issues trying to deploy my application developed in c# in visual studio.
I created a setup/.exe using InstallShield for visual studio 2012 with all the required files for the project included.
The target machine where I want to deploy this application is running windows 7 embedded and I just installed .net framework 4.5 on the machine (required for the application).

But when I click on .exe on the target machine, the system gets busy for few seconds but then nothing comes up.
The application is created in c# using windows form, so a form should come up but nothing actually comes on the target machine.

The target machine does not have visual studio and I would like to keep it that way. I also tried to play with the project configuration and see if there are any dependencies like dll but I am not able find any such thing on visual studio 2012 menus.

Please someone help me, by explaining me in steps what do I need to do make the executable run on a target machine.

Thank you

For debug purposes only I would hookup to the AppDomain.UnhandleException and Application.ThreadException events. In those events, print out the error message and then exit. This should at least tell you why your app is failing to load.

However, I didn't think .net 4.5 was compatible with WES 7, unless you have an ECE account to download the new template?