Hi guys,

I am facing some issues trying to deploy my application developed in c# in visual studio.
I created a setup/.exe using InstallShield for visual studio 2012 with all the required files for the project included.
The target machine where I want to deploy this application is running windows 7 embedded and I just installed .net framework 4.5 on the machine (required for the application).

But when I click on .exe on the target machine, the system gets busy for few seconds but then nothing comes up.
The application is created in c# using windows form, so a form should come up but nothing actually comes on the target machine.

The target machine does not have visual studio and I would like to keep it that way. I also tried to play with the project configuration and see if there are any dependencies like dll but I am not able find any such thing on visual studio 2012 menus.

Please someone help me, by explaining me in steps what do I need to do make the executable run on a target machine.

Thank you

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Usually this happens when:

  • Some dll is missing to load the application
  • The target machine is a 32bit but your application is 64
  • The user has no rights to exetute the application
  • The user has no rights to open a required file in the system


Probably, you can get a clue if you try to find some info in the machine system or application log.

Hope this helps

Thanks for replying lolafuertes. The target machine is a 32 bit and I compiled the program to run on 32 bit. And I also tried excecuting the program as an administrator. But neither of those actions have helped me.

Where in the system can I find the application log?

Thank you

Actually I found out the event log and yes there is an error. I believe it has to do with the way I am using InstallShield. If anyone can help me in showing how to add installshield to visual studio project, I would appreciate it.

thnank you

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