I have finished developing the first release of my application which uses MySQL (locally under one license and hosted under another).

Connecting the application to the hosted database works fine, i edit the connection details within my application to the hosted server details and it works fine.

However, when I try and use it locally (server:localhost etc..) i get an error stating it can not access the server. In my application, i have included the mysql DLL files, but I would prefer the user not to have to install MySQL server which is about a 100MB download (i know its quite small these days but want the install to be as pain free as possible).

I know it would be an easy fix just to add this install as a prerequisite, but i am sure there is a way to do it without this, or maybe not. Is there a script i can run which will run through and setup the server with users etc?

Any help is appreciated.



If you want a server on your local machine, then you'll have to install it, there is no shortcut for that. Just make sure to check the license and terms of service, because it wasn't allowed for a while to include the MySQL server setup in a custom setup project (but perhaps now it is).