I type in <graphics.h> and "graphics.h" for terminal on my mac and it says fatal error: 'graphics.h' file not found
Please help me.

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That header is pretty much specific to Turbo C, and it's also ancient in terms of graphical feature support. I'd strongly recommend using something more up to date, like Qt or OpenGL. What do you want to use graphics for?

im making a game and it keeps on saying that graphics is an error

what do you mean by Qt and OpenGL

Then you'll need to learn how to use a modern graphics library like one of the ones I mentioned. If you're not using Turbo C on Windows (or MS-DOS), you're SOL for <graphics.h>.

I'm using apple terminal 2.3

wait so you'r saying I should write <Qt.h>

It's not that simple. First, pick a graphics library. Then, learn how to use that library by reading documentation and examples. For Qt, I'd suggest starting here.

wow, Thanks for the help

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