Write a program that does the following in C++

Need help

•The program should keep an array of 12 structures. Each element is for a different cyclist.

•Functions to accomplish the following:

◦When the program runs it should ask the user to enter the data for each cyclist.
◦It should then show a table that lists each cyclist’s number, last name and miles ridden.
◦The program should also calculate and display the total miles ridden by all of the cyclists.
◦The number and name of the player who has ridden the farthest.

Input validation: Do not to accept negative values for and miles ridden.

Need help

"Help" suggests that you're doing most of the work and others are providing assistance when you get stuck. However, posting nothing but a homework assignment suggests that your definition of "help" is closer to "do it for me". So please provide evidence that you've put in some effort, or our definition of "help" will be to direct you toward books and tutorials for beginners.

What deceptikon said! Make an effort, and we will be happy to critique it - otherwise I have a library you might be interested in! :-)