Hey guys i have an advanced programming project , which is to run on both linux and windows operating systems. And i wanted to know if there is an IDE with drag and drop features which i can use to code the graphical user interface

Qt Creator is built just for that task, obviously for Qt. I'm sure there are others for different libraries, but that's the first one that comes to mind.

I was going to mention that one but couldn't think of an IDE.

Both of the popular cross-platform GUI toolsets have been mentioned - Qt and WxWidgets. I've used both on Unix/Linux/Windows and while very different in flavor, they both work very well. There are other tools as well, though a bit more low-level, such as GTK and such. Myself, if I want to write a full-featured GUI with C++ that behaves identically on Linux and Windows, then I use Qt - and my being an engineer at Nokia (formerly owner of Qt) has nothing to do with it - I do no GUI programming at Nokia - I am a systems engineer... :-)

I would just chip in another vote for Qt. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences working with this library and the tools (drag-drop designer, IDE, qmake and cmake add-on), it's been smooth sailing all the way and the feature-set is very complete, stable and looks good and the same everywhere (OS-wise). Even for Windows-only work, I would go for Qt, hands down (with maybe only Borland's VCL beating it, but it's too outdated now).