The Class will create a program to store the name and the grid position of 6 common minibeasts.

The Students from Calibre Academy will write a program to store the position of each common minibeast.
The Software will.
Allow one of six minibeasts to be selected from a menu.
Enter and store the name and grid coordinates of the selected minibeast.
Display how often each minibeast was found.
Display the minibeasts found at a selected coordinate.
The user should select the name of each minibeast found from the menu shown below:
1. Slug
2. Centipede
3. Ladybird
4. Snail
5. Woodlouse
6. Worm
7. Exit
Selection is made by entering the relevant number.

Re: code for following Visual Basic program. 80 80

Don't expect anyone here to do your homework for you without lots and lots of $$$.

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