I use Netbean Platform in learning coding in Java, but now it has gotten to a level where i need a server application to further my learning,but i saw Apache Tomcat and Glassfish server as part of plugins that came with my netbean, so i want to know what i need to do to activate one or both of these servers in my NetBean Platform or do i need to download them sepsrately again? Please for some of you in here using NetBean for for your Java development help me out

thanks to you all...

hai gyno,

you dont have to download any plugins seperately for activating those two servers.
those will be installed with netbeans installation process but you need to select those servers at the time installation process starts........

netbeans installer will take care of installing these 2 servers in your system

come to the point for activating servers:

it depend on the application what you want to create.

for example if you want to create java web application

while creating a new web application it will ask for server type apache tomcat or glassfih

then while runnning the application the underlying server will be activated

let me know if you have any doubts in my clarification

please go through the following url: it explains everything what i said above


thats it,