Hi, I was just wondering if anyone can recommend a easy to use library that will work with DirectX (on top of the back-buffer) for things like creating menus, popups, tickboxes, drop-down boxes, tab-menus, etc..?

Thanks in advance.

The trick is just to get a window handle for whatever surface you want to draw on, that is, a valid HWND handle that points to where you want to draw. This can be done easily in Qt. I assume most other GUI libraries would provide a similar thing. It is difficult for GUI libraries to maintain any built-in support for Direct3D due to the high instability of the Direct3D library, once you use D3D you enroll yourself for years of maintenance work in the future to keep up with the whims of Microsoft, and hand-code backward compatibility. But, leaving the politics behind, all you need to do is grab the HWND handle of some dummy GUI object (like a Panel, or QWidget) and write a few bits of code to handle resizing and forwarding mouse inputs, as seen in that link for Qt. The rest is just normal D3D.