Ive been learning C++- for a bout a month and I want to start making simple button press GUI windws that i can use for informating people about things. (I'm in 8th grade so i'm not a math genius yet.:rolleyes:) The problem is that I don't know what I should program these GUI in. Ive seen some C++ GUI but it looks complicated and mainly just wondering what businesses use to make simple windows with buttons that do stuff.

THANKS! (PS i've looked at java but not quite sure)

Visual Basic is what pops into my mind first, but I'm sure others will definitely have other opinions. C++ can do it, but it's not a rapid development environment, it's a language with all the twists and turns that come with languages.

What about COBOL:?:

When I think of COBOL I think of business related, major number crunching, legacy code, but GUI doesn't come to mind readily. I wouldn't doubt that there is a version of COBOL adapted to GUI envrionment, but it isn't high on the list of languages associated with a GUI.

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