I have been having this weird problem with this small part of code:

File audio = new File(name);
URL audio = new URL(name);

Now isURL is a pre-declared boolean and name is a pre-declared string. I have all the proper imports but for some reason or another it tells me that my declaritions of the variables are not statements; if I put them in brackets it does the same thing but if I take them out of the if-else statement, it works fine (well if you change the name of one of the variables). Anybody have any ideas on this issue.

The entire thing you have there is not a valid Java statement.
What are you trying to achieve anyway? The variable would (were this to compile) be lost anyway as soon as it completed.

oh I totally forgot about scope within an if statement, that would explain my problem.

Basically what I'm trying to do is allow the user to input a path (a file path {without having to be file:// in front of it} or a URL path). The program figures out whether it is a file or a URL and then sets the isURL variable to true if the input was found to be a URL. Now I want to figure out what type of variable it is so I can handle the file or URL while having the same variable name.

Can you thing of a way to do this or should I just append file:// to a file Input string and just use the URL variable exclusively?

You can always turn a File into a URL, so create a File and return the result of the toURl method.

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