Hey guys,

I have worked in Visual Studio using Visual C# Windows Form Application before.

Recently, I have wondered is there a way to make an application using Visual Studio that is similar to how website or mobile applications work. For example, those who programmed for the iPhone knows that there is a storyboard feature in which you can design your UI.

What I am essentially asking is this: is there a way to make an application using Visual Studio where users might enter some data, then presses a button and a next page is displayed. Users can click a back button to go back ect (storyboard)

I know that Windows Form Application can allow popup windows to be generated, but if possible, I want it such that the application does not popup a new window, but rather the original window changes to be the contents of the next page.

Cheers guys


Any implementation of this will be of your own making. You may be able to google for a library that already exists, however, I did this myself before.

At a basic level, your "Next" and "Back" buttons need to be external to your forms, which will be displayed as Panels on an existing form. This way, when you map your storyboard, you can go backward and forward whilst maintaining data persistance.