• I want somehow to force the Firefox OR Chrome browser to open the browser windows hidden ( the windows to have the SW_HIDE style from the start when they are created ).

For example : If I want to open a new browser window besides my current one, the browser to create a new window, but I to not even notice something has happened on the screen, because that new browser window was created hidden !

I operate on Windows 7 and I program in AutoIT since Im beginner but I don't want any full source codes, I just want some advice on how to accomplish this.

For who doesn't know : SW_HIDE is a 'style' or 'property' that can be applied to any control/window/GUI to make it disappear from the screen, but to still exist and can be seen only in taskmanager.

What I have tried : I could make a program to search in a loop for any new windows that are created by the browser process, and when finds one, to quickly apply the SW_HIDE style to it, to disappear. But the problem is that this method is not fast enough, since I can still observe that new window for a sec and I loose the window and keyboard focus too. So the only solution would be to 'hack' the browser to make it open any new windows with the 'SW_HIDE' style, instead of 'SW_ACTIVE' style.

Thankyou so much for any help!, and please if I was misleading post any question, I will respond very fast.Thankyou!

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I have not tried it with a browser app, but win32 api CreateProcess() allows you to start a process with SW_HIDE attribute.

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Well, the CreateProcess will only open the browser without showing the window, but its not what I want, what I want its not to open the browser hidden but if I want to open another browser window, to automatically hide it.


If I remember good,someone said to hoo the ShowWindow API something like that, this will work ?


@Ancient Dragon, but what is this : Click Here

@Suzie999, ofcourse I haven't accomplished anything, thats why Im asking for help, but I dont want the source code I want the steps of doing this >.< Thankyou

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