an we add a skin to software we develop?

You can make it look like whatever you want...
But there are no standard "skins"

Yes possible. This can be posssible easily with Visual Styler.
Download And Install
SkinSoft VisualStyler.Net



What I have done in the past is create a base form that all others will inherit from. Make that form have no border and add my own basic window design. Make sure you add close buttons, minimize and maximize buttons. If you feel creative, add properties to show and hide those buttons during design time so you can set similar features as a basic winform window (to show/hide specific buttons).

You can even add colour properties so you can set different windows to different colours or allow your users to change the theme of their windows in a setting.

It can be fun to do, but remember, it's all in what the program does and not how it looks that matters! A shiny penny is still worth less than a tarnished and beat up quarter.

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