So, I'm coding a IDE in Python and I'm using Tkinter for the GUI. What I'm looking for is a way to add a "recent files" menu to the menu that opens when you right click the program's icon in Windows's task bar. I have a picture to show what I'm looking for:

Screen capture

Yeah, I want to add a "Recent Files" menu ("Viimeksi käytetyt tiedostot" in finnish) to my program.
Some of the texts are in finnish but I hope you get the idea... xD

I think that you can do this in Python & Tkinter, because IDLE (the program where the screenie is from) is coded in Python & Tkinter. I tried to look in to IDLE's source but I wasn't able to find anything usefull.

Thanks for already,


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I think the list contains all programs run by pythonw.exe (probably python.exe has separate list), idle is one of them. The list is propably not files edited with (I can not check it from work computer).

Okay, thanks for the reply! I guess I'll just put the menu to the menubar then.

Is there a way to do this with pywin32?

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