Any one know how can I install pyHook module?I get just error
Im using python 2.7.3

>>> import pyHook
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<pyshell#0>", line 1, in <module>
    import pyHook
ImportError: No module named pyHook

C:\Users\bt\Desktop\pyHook-1.5.1\pyHook-1.5.1>python setup.py install
running install
running build
running build_py
running build_ext
building 'pyHook._cpyHook' extension
swigging cpyHook.i to cpyHook_wrap.c
swig.exe -python -o cpyHook_wrap.c cpyHook.i
error: command 'swig.exe' failed: No such file or directory

I also download pyHook-1.5.1.win32-py2.7.exe its not work I got error “ the python 2.7 not found in register”?

I think I have fixed the path.

But where can I find pyHook module for Windows 7 64 bit(python 2.7 64bit)?

Icann't find here
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