Hello everybody~!

I'm trying to install the latest version of pyHook for my Python 3.3.2 shell. I am a new coder in Python, all though I am rather experienced in lua. Unfortunately, after multiple attempts of trying to install pyHook (1.5.1), I am unable to do so as I get a blue screen and it says I need to use the prior version of Python, however after reading multiple posts and threads, it seems that you need one that is after 2.6.2. If some one can help me out, that would be great.

_Dokter Krontical~

  • PS: Pyhook Error Image;


You are trying to install pyhook for Python 2.7,
wish you don't have installed.
Many modules work still only for python 2.x that's why most of us still you Python 2.

Pyhook works for python 3.3 you can find a version here.