before people start saying what have i tried, i have not got a clue where to start if i'm honest with you and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction.

i need to create an application which stores information about people(age,name etc),should also be able to remove users by entering their name and be able to retrieve the users information what they have entered.

i really have very basic knowledge in python and was wondering if anyone could give me advice.


When you say application, does it need to be interactive, or just accessible through the python shell? For example, do you have to run the program, and it will pause and prompt the user for commands, or can you just define some classes, and then modify them through the terminal? (If you are just beginning, I know this might sound like a confusing question). Does it need a graphical interface?

Try the Python dictionary with name:[age, weight, sex, ... ] pairs.

adamhughes, it just has to be accessible through the python shell. and no it does not need a graphical interface