hi everyone :)

im trying to open this project , but when i double click it , vs2010 opens with error on the forms. double clicking the forms shows that the file doesnt exist at the particular directory , even when its visibly there. its probably a trivial thing , happening coz of some silly mistake on my part , but being new to this , i cant figure out what.
im posting a screenshot below. some help will be great :)

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You appear to have several subfolders with the same name. Make sure, in the project properties that it's pointing ot the right folder.

im not quite sure how to do that... i tried clicking on the forms , going to their properties and copy pasting the path , but didnt work..

edit : i was running from inside a virtual xp , and i double clicked on the files without extracting them first. that was causing the problem. its working now. :) thanks for the help.

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