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While I doubt that HappyGeek's answer is quite what you were looking for, the truth is that we can't give much more of an answer without a lot more information from you. What, if anything, do you already know? WHat would you like to learn about? Computer programming is a very broad topic, and one which tends to be very ideosyncratic to the person learning it; you really would need to narrow down the question.

If you really want to start learning about computer programming in general, and don't mind doing it the hard way, my best recommendation is to read Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Abelson and Sussman, and view the view the lecture videos that go with it. It is a very intensive course, and rather unusual, but it really does give you an overview of computer programming, from one point of view.

A rather simpler approach for most people would be to start learning the language Python. Most people find it a very simple language to learn, and it lets you cover a lot of ground with a minimum of intellectual clutter. There are several good books and tutorials on Python around; I'm sure you'll get plenty of recommendations, with Think Python being a good one to start with IMO.

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