hai, i am new to perl programming. Am writing perl script to open an generator.exe file in my system. this generator.exe file when opens asks for arguments to enter one after other how ever the sequence of arguments is always same(eg like 6,172.24.569.25,saw_200.wav,u,0,1) and i am stuck at a point of how to open the generator.exe file from my perl script and send the arguments to the file. please help me.

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Hi sandeepbajjuri,

It seem to me you are looking for Perl function backtick written as


or qx. You might also want to look at Perl function system.

From within your perl script you just do like so:

system("generator.exe"); your code then runs as if you are on a CLI.

Do perldoc -f system for documntation on your system where perl is installed.

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