Hello. After reading other threads that inut from a text file to a basic array I do not understand how to apply it to a 2d array. I dont quite understand what I need to do to make it read in the data properly. This is what I have so far...

int main()
   const int PEOPLE = 5, PRODUCTS = 6;
   double sales[ PEOPLE ][ PRODUCTS ] = { 0.0 }, value,
         totalSales, productSales[ PRODUCTS ] = { 0.0 };
   unsigned int salesPerson, product;
   fstream infile;


   if (infile.bad())
        cerr << "Unable to open file" << endl;
        exit (1);

   for(int i = 0; i < PEOPLE ; i++)
      for(int j = 0; j < PRODUCTS; j++ )
         infile >> salesPerson >> product >> value;
         sales[ salesPerson ][ product ] += value;


I am aware that the line infile >> salesPerson >> product >> value; is incorrect and causes the program to crash but do not know what to replace it with.


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It will depend on how the file is layed out, but probably replace both lines 21 and 22 with this one line:

infile >> sales[i][j];

Post a few lines of the data file and we can be more specific about how to read it.

Sorry about that. Here is the format I will have the data file...

1 1 20.30

So I have

i j price

The first two values are int while the third needs to be double.

Oh, then I would read the file until end-of-file like this: Not that calling eof() is not necessary because the loop will stop when eof is reached.

int i,j;
float price;

while( infile >> i >> j >> price)
   sales[i][j] += price;

Thanks! That fixed it!

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