Yes, I know what I'm talking about.

which is
Creating my own compiler to compile a language say C++,Java,Ruby, Python ..(Any one of them ofcourse -.- )

Actually, if I can just get the source code for an existing one that would be much better.

Say there's Turbo C ...is the source code available for it ?
if so where?
or any other compiler ..(Any language ,any compiler)

I just want to poke around and see what happens(with the source code) ..I've done enough languages now I want to do compilers :)

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Basically, your question is "how are computer chips, instruction sets, operating systems, languages, libraries, and applications designed and implemented?" That's a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry employing millions of people, many of whom are specialists. You might want to focus your question a bit more.


You could use python and download a module cant remember the name but it lets you create a interpreter
and make your own language dont think its supports compiling but is a good start
when i get the name of my other pc ill let you know


PLY is the name of the module that you should have a look at thats a good start for someone that likes to understand how it works plus python is a easy language but dont now what language you use lol

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