My friend and I tried to create a team of programmers for doing bunch of work, our main aim is the gaming sector (probably). It was said around the net that it was hard work. So, we decided to plan it from now.

I got around 1-3 years(blurry because I'm doing it in my freetime, sometimes forgot and alot of redoing) studying through c++ language, and now I got to uni. for diploma degree in IT. Bunch of my friend only got basic knowledge of programming from the course of the uni, but we decided to take an early different language path because I'm sure it's better to have certain mastery of programming language than having basic of each programming language.

So, which programming language should these guy master? should they master the language that I'm trying to master too?(c++) or?

P.S. we're currently studying the basic part of C# in the course now, in the last semester, we learned (very) basic c++ syntax.

C++ and C# are both imperative languages, so if you learn one, learning the other will be straightforward. The goal is to learn logic and problem solving; language syntax and libraries are a relative cake walk with a strong foundation in the basics.

My recommendations for languages if your goal is to become a pro are as follows:

  • Python: A good beginner's language that's also powerful.
  • C++: The most likely 1st language for serious games.
  • C# or Java: Depending on your target platform (C# for Windows, Java for multi-platform), the two languages themselves are actually very similar.
  • Assembly: Good for low level knowledge, even though you probably won't use it often.
  • A LISP Variant: Not strictly necessary, but offers a significant "aha!" moment when you get it, and greatly helps an understanding of recursion.

C# can be used outside of Windows, of course, but the .NET framework is by far the more common target.

how about web development language? Did we need to learn them? if so which one?

You specifically mentioned gaming. While it doesn't hurt to learn web development, it's not directly relevant to your goals.

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