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Is it possible to write a text file in notepad and then when it call to system (Probably VB6) it will add to the exif data of an image??

Anyone coull give me an idea will be appreciated. Thanks in Advanced!..

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I'm pretty sure there is no native class or api for that. You'll probably have to open the file in binary mode and read, parse and write the data directly.

Hi tinstaafl,

Thanks for the reply, what do you mean opening a file in binary mode? if you would mined can you give an idea or something an scratch code or a link that might help me to understand what are talking about. I really appreciated your kindness.. thanks


Basically the difference is that opening a file in Text mode means that the data is interpreted as being text characters. On the other hand Binary mode means that the data is just a serious of bytes without expecting anything special about it.
Here's some links to the basic commands:

Open Statement
Get Statement
Put Statement

Those should be enough to get you started. Of course if the exif data follows a certain format you'll need details on that format.

Hello tinstaafl,
Thanks for links, it 's really help me to understand what it was. can I ask again a question,

I have found a closely related solution to my problem, but it seem that when I save the image with an existing image the file size getting bigger than the existing file and the exif data from the existing file get lost, and it the same format as Jpg file. why is it happen. do have an idea? thanks..

To ppasegull, thanks for the link also,

if have also an idea regarding to the problem state above please let me know,

have a nice day. thanks.