i am creating a text box in listview item.
How I create is, I just take the location of the item and create a textbox on that location.
OnFocus over, I just take the textbox text and put it in that perticular listview item and hide
the textbox.

Now the problem is, since i am creating the textbox on a perticular location, when I scroll the lisview
the textbox remain in the same place (textbox does not get scrolled) and the data gets scrolled.

Solution what i thought is, whenver user wants to scroll or user clicks scroll bar, I
will hide the textbox.

But I could'n find the scroll bar click event. Or how do I find that user has clicked scroll bar ??

Is there any event where I can do this ??


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Thanks for the reply. But I can'nt go with any other grid as this is a customized grid used for long. And I have to go with this grid only.

Is there a way to achive this functionality with legacy win form listview ??

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