help guys, i need to know how to add images and video files (if its possible or just its file path) on access database to be retrieve in vb6 with every images and videos filename included (can be displayed on a separate label for example)

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i think that storing images to the database would not be the right way because it will require more size for your DB and it will finally result in slow processing.

so you should store only filename not an image file and for this , make proper use of function named FileCopy and store the name of file to the database.i suggest that modify the file name also otherwise duplicasy problem may arise.

have a look at the following FileCopy statement

FileCopy CommonDialog1.Filename, App.Path & "\" & CommonDialog1.FileTitle

hope this helps you


I have found it best just to store the path & file name of the image, video etc in the access database. In my executable once the relevant path is selected, I then use shellexecute to boot the file, and as long as Windows has an association with the file type, it will display it appropriately. I have done this with all sorts of files, images, videos, PDF, Excel, Word, basically anything that Windows has an association with.

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