Hi !!
Our front end software produces a text file everytime an input is saved. That text file is saved in a folder in the c drive, say folder xxx. I would like to write a script to decode the text file and export the data to a database, move the decoded text file to another folder. The scrip will have to check folder xxx every 2 mins for newly added text file, decode it and export the result to our database, then move that text file to another folder say folder yyy

Can anybody guide me as to where I can start from ?


first thing you need to do, is post a few lines of the text file. So, for example, is the textfile tab delimited? If you post a couple of the records in the file (or however it's setup) then I can help you out a bit more with decoding the file. As for moving it to another folder, that's no problem, but if the file name is the same every time (so the program makes a textfile in folder XXX and the filename is the same each time right?) when we move it to YYY, will it need to overwrite the current file, append the current file, or save the newly moved file with a different name? Checking every 2 minutes isn't a problem either. Let me know what you have, and I'll see what I can do.