hi...can someone help me??
a program that i can print barcode from a vb6 application?
once i entered data, (i have already a format for the barcode value),
it will print the barcode once..
then, enter again info, then print..

i have a sato barcode printer ct400.is there any configuration in the printer
or i just need code????


I think you need the barcode font(s) for the specific type(s) of barcode(s) you'll be using. Plus you'll probably have to communicate directly with the printer. On the Sato website is programming information for several models.

One of the reason is that your generated barcodes are not compatible with related barcode specifications so that the printer can not scan them out. You may try another barcode generation component to generate standard barcode images. If this fails, you need to ask your printer supplier for help.

just created a function to print and call it when inoutting of info is done..

Can anyone of u send me the code for barcode generator using VB 6.0 . This will be help to my project

@Chandra_6. I never had any issue getting bar codes out printed. But I may have cheated. That is I installed a bar code font and then printed in that font. Maybe too easy today.