Hi everyone...

Iam creating a setup file using VB6, in that i have to execute 2 exe file using shell command, in the mean time i need to add a progressbar to state the progress of that 2 exe's...
How can i do that? Get me out of this problem...

Solutions are appreciated... Thanks in advance...

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First off, modifying the setup package is a tricy thing to do. I hope you have backed those files up prior to attempting to make any changes.

Now as for running two setup programs, you will need to search for Shell and Wait on the net to find code that will launch a process and wait on it to complete and it is this code you will have to add to your setup project after the code that has extracted all the files from the cab.

Then when using the PDW, you would include the other setup files in your cab.

Good Luck


Thanks for ur reply,

I have tried with ur logic by using wait method but how can i use progressbar until the exe gets terminated??? Progressbar needs max, min & values to execute.... Iam strucked there.... Iam a newbie so consider my problem...

I have tried with counting the bytes of each file by using FileLen() function but that too doesnt click for me... Help is needed... thank u...


Is the other program that you want to add to your package, yours?

If yes, then you will have to modify the setup exe project once again to add the progress bar and you will have to delve deeper into the setup package functions. You will need to somehow return the count of how many items are in the cab to be added to the other project. With this value you can set the max and the min at one. Then as each item is unpacked/copied/registered/etc. you would increase the value by 1 (.value = .value + 1).

Good Luck

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