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I bought this eBook called Programming Python O'Reilly 4th Edition 2010

And people told me to start out with Python instead of C, cause C Is for experiance users, at the moment I have no knowelege In programming, only know the basics :)

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With suitable libraries to draw on, you can write most types of programs in Python, except for really low-level systems work (device drivers and so forth). The biggest disadvantage over C isn't in what you can or cannot do with it, so much as how fast the program is likely to run, but even that isn't a major disadvantage with modern hardware.

I know you were looking at photo-editing software, an I'll admit that while it is possible to write something like that in Python, most people wouldn't (though The GIMP, a major open-source photo-editing package, uses both Scheme and Python for scripting) because of the spee and memory limitations. OTOH, by the time you are ready to tackle something that size, you'd be ready to learn C anyway.

I would go with Python and C++, these OOP languages have much in common.

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@Schol-R-LEA Okie
@vegaseat I wanna start with something simply Python then move onto the advanced languages. :D

Actually Python is the higher level language, but its syntax is easier on the eye than C++.

As you learn Python keep looking at some C++ syntax to see the parallels. It will not make your brain smoke.

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