Hello everyone,

I'm trying to basically get a cmd variable to pass into commands.getstatusoutput. The problem is that the command has a lot of single and double quotes in it and I can't seem to get it to store as a variable. When I print the cmd it comes out as I want it to (since I tried \ escaping one of the single quotes.. here is an example of what I'm trying to do:

 cmd1 = "convert -pointsize %i -fill %s -draw " % (pointsize, fill)
 cmd2 = '\'text %d,%d "%s Hour: %i"\' %s %s_cap.jpg' % (half_image, up_buff, out_month, hour, jpg, jpg) 
 cmd = cmd1+cmd2

if I print this it gives me:

convert -pointsize 72 -fill yellow -draw 'text 900,180 "September 21 Hour: 0"' example.jpg example.jpg_cap.jpg

But just simply typing cmd into the prompt or passing the cmd I'm still getting those \ in there. So I need a way of avoiding using them. I'm sure this is pretty common place, but I'm drawing a blank. cmd2 will give me an error if I try to type it in without the escape () character. Thanks in advance!

have you tryed to use the command ib command prompt? I remember that sometimes you must add one more level of double quotes arround the double quotes, which gets removed. Can you not use only double quoting inside the command, I do not think CMD supports single quotes. I am not 100% sure, though.

Can you give exact error message you are getting?

I've never used commands.getstatusoutput. But wouldn't triple quotes around the variable allow you to not escape the quotes inside it?

The command I'm actually wanting to give is

cmd = "convert -pointsize %i -fill %s -draw 'text %d, %d "%s Hour: %i"' %s %s_cap.jpg" % (half_image, up_buff, out_month, jpg,  jpg)

but doing this gives me an Invalid Syntax error and is pointing at the r in Hour. Putting triple quotes around it is adding an escape character before the double quote after i. So does anyone know how I can get the above line to actually read correctly? Thanks for your help so far!

Could you post an example of what half_image, up_buff, out_month, and jpg might be?

half_image and up_buff are floats, out_month and jpg are both strings.

I'm basically trying to put text on a batch of pictures and to center it I'm grabbing the image size and cutting it in half and the up_buff is just moving it up from the bottom a bit. The out_month is just a string like 'September' in this case, and jpg is the name of the file. I don't think (and I obviously don't know) but I think the problem is in the way I'm using the double quotes and single quotes. I can't figure it out.