Hi, I want to make a app that can send and receive small text files each other. So I googled past days, only could find answers relating Sockets. I only found 1 good example, as others only had refer the MSDN. So I'm noob in C#, please anyone gimme a Example with code for this

Simply after I just want to do PC and an Android phone. I'm making android apps using C#, so hope I could use it in Android phone too

You can't run C# on Android. You will need to use Java. The languages are similar syntactically (but not the same)

You will need to use Sockets to be able to transmit and receive data. Google for some tutorials on how to use Sockets. If you want to do it on Android, then you will need to post to the Java lot :)

No but I'm using XAMARIN android. Via it I have made some couple of android apps. It uses C# :)

Hmmm, be careful when using anything like that, may not support as much of the language as you think!

If you're sure about that though, just look at some basic Socket tutorials. They're pretty easy to get started with but the difficulty scales quickly.