Hi all!

I have a USB Modem (dongle) made by ZTE. I normally use it for connecting to the interent. It also came with a dashboard/software that I can use to send & receive SMS and even make a call.

I want to make an application with VB.NET that will use this USB MODEM to send and receive SMS to different mobile carriers. I want it to send SMS using the SIM Card inserted into the USB Modem.

Is there a way to accomplish this from VB.NET? I have seen people talking about doing the same with GSM Modem and I wonder if its the same thing (GSM & USB Modem). Help please.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Can I send SMS from VB.NET with ZTE USB Modem? 80 80

we created a system in vb.net before. wherein it send SMS notification and we used GSM Sim900d. We weren't allowed to use broadband (though it is possible to use it) because our Engineer instructors wants us to learn how to configure the hardware and for us to know how it works. So I would say that Yes! There's a way that you can make an application in vb.net using only a broadband/ usb modem..

here's a link which is somehow related with your query, and he already did what you were asking.


one more thing is, if you are familiar with AT Commands, then you really could do it. Goodluck :)

Re: Can I send SMS from VB.NET with ZTE USB Modem? 80 80

Thanks Noralyn_1! Thanks for the link. I have no idea on the AT Commands. I will continue to study the link.

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