I developed a software using VB.net. (With VS 2008 Professional edition) The Project has Crystal reports in a folder. I want to make a setup exe with that folder. there are few videos in youtube for this. But I couldnt find any form or video that adding folder to the setup file. Please tell me how to do this.
This is what i did up to now.
In project properties --> Publish --> Publish wizard button click --> gave a path and NEXT --> NEXT -->NEXT -->NEXT --> Finish
Setup is created without crystal report folder. Actually i have no any clear idea how to add a folder to setup project.
Please tell the way of doing this......

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Then you could add your project first then create a subfolder in your installation project to add your crytal reports later? I'm using VS.2005 and everythings was fine till now.

well if you want to create setup then you can simply do this ,
create a new project , name setup and development , when project will open , you will find three options on your left side. one will be application folder , select this option and then right click on the panel at your right side. select add files , then browse your bin directory and add all files in it. then click ok , after that select second option on your left side user desktop , and after selecting it just right click on right panel and select option create desktop shortcut , rename it. build your solution .

Done :P



You can find a Step by Step creating a Setup and Deployment, Here
On page2 you can find a way how to add folders, files you wish to instal on the users PC.

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