hello everyone, I seek help please to find a program c + + that can read images from different types bmp, jpeg, png and put the pixels values in a vector, modified pixels valus, then saved the picture change to a different location, I inform you that I am working on visual c + + 2010

For simple image manipulations like that, I find that the FreeImage library is pretty nice and easy. And it works well in Windows too.

thank you mike_2000_17 , I have download the library it contain sevral file c, I do not know which file should I choose to read a bitmap image and edit pixeles, then saved the picture changed in another location if you can help me please

There is some online documentation you can refer to. Use the C functions (not FreeImagePlus). You just need to include the header "FreeImage.h" and link with the library. There are functions like FreeImage_Load to load an image, and FreeImage_Save to save an image, and so on. The PDF has the full references for all the functions.

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