Bhavcopy is the file containing the data of the prices of stock, derivatives etc in a given day for trade at a stock exchange. The stock market i am considering here is NSE India.
I want to download the "Bhavcopyfrom derivatives section from the link http://www.nseindia.com/archives/archives.htm".
The above link could download the bhavcopy of a particular date(if exists) but sice i want to download the data for the last one year, i can't do it manually date by date.
For this, i am trying to code a downloader which will generate the "Bhavcopy" from a start date to an end date. For the downloader, obviously i need certain information like location of the files on server or the URL could also give us some details about the same.
Now the question is: How do i get the information about location of the files to download it from "nseindia server"? They use a static link for the downloads(i.e. link remains same even when you download it for 2 different dates..)

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and there already exists a downloader "Bhavcopy downloader"for the same but it erases some data from the original file. I don't want to give upon even a small lose of data.
So i want to write a downloader of my own.
You may have a look at the downloader on getbhavcopy.com


So i want to write a downloader of my own.

What language are you using?

If there is a logic to the download links, you maybe able to recreate the link you need for any date.

Contact them, perhaps they will provide it.

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