First off, I apologize since I do not have my code already done in front of me to post, but I've been doing a bit of research with no real guidance or understanding on what to do.

I've created a dgv as a seperate form from my main one, consisting of two set columns and rows created as needed. When the user clicks the 'validate' button (on the main form), several conditional statements are stepped through. If all conditional statements are met, a messagebox displays that the form was validated, but if some are not met, I would like the results (which i would have in the past put in messageboxes) to be displayed in datagridview.

I'm just having trouble with how to write these results to the dgv form. A friend suggested I also look in Linq statements. I've gone a brief tutorial regarding them, but since I'm so new, I'd prefer to stay away from them. At least for now until I can get the basics underwrap.

you want to use conditions in your db quries ? please be for specific regarding your desired result.


Yes, I would like to use conditional statements. For example, if textboxA.text = "" and textboxB.text <> "" then display message in dgv. Column one displays whether it's a warning message or error message. Column 2 displays what the error/warning is and a solution.