I have a text file with one of the lines as : name=AB,CD,EF
I read the line like this:

input# line,str

first str is name=AB then the next line is CD and then EF, why it does not read the whole line at once.

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use Line Input # instead of Input # if you wanna read an entire line .

input # reads line upto , .

hope this helps you . . .

what do you mean by use Line Input # instead of Input #. can show me the actual syntax?.

lets have a look at following :-

Dim xno As Integer
Dim xtext As String
Open "d:\file.txt" For Input As #xno
Line Input #xno, xtext  'this is the actual line for what you searching
Print xtext

hope this helps you . . .(if it really helps then mark this thread as solved)

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