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First of all what kind of project is that? 500 lines of code isn't that long so it shouldn't take too much time for execution. One way to improve execution speed is to optimize your algorithm. Maybe you can review it or post it here so we can analyze it further. Maybe we could see what's taking too long inside your program.


All you have told us about the code is "it's about 500 lines". Based on that minimal amout of information the only reponse I can give is "write better code".


probably you are working with database application (with join)

and if your code belongs to vb.net then don't forget to post new thread to related place.


my data base is ms access. and i'm using join function twice.. will it take more time for execution..?


We have to know

  1. the structure of the tables and the indexes
  2. the query you are running
  3. the size of the tables

If you don't tell us anything then we can't offer suggestions.

  1. the structure of the table is very simple. that is as follows

s.no english telugu gender

  1. the query is also simple as follows
    select english from tablename where telugu = "anytoken"

  2. the size of the table is around 500 records


You said you were using the join function twice. You aren't even using it once.

Telling me the names of the columns is not the same as telling me the structure of the tables.

For a simple query such as the one you gave on a table of only 500 records the results should come back almost immediately.

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