is it possible to use two different databases in vb 6.0? I will use DB A to fetch the records and save it to DB B,,Thanks :) Godbless

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Yea. As long as you declare the right connection.

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Yea. As long as you declare the right connection.

yes , its possible.
you will need to work with connection objects.

Previous answers are correct but I just want to post something clearer. If you are planning to use more than one database simultaneously in your program, you have to make one connection per database.

But the most ideal solution here is to make links to the table of interests from your DB A inside your DB B. The advantage of this is that you only have to create a single connection to work on both databases. The disadvantage here is that, DB A must not be moved to another location in your computer or else the link would be broke. But you can work around this problem, that is, if you know. Me? Show your interest first and I'd be willing to help you.

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