Hi folks

I wonder if this code can bee converted to VB6
or there are a simular code.


 Dim strMSG As String
> strMSG = "This Demo Has Expired" & vbCrLf & "Please Contact Me to Obtain
> the Full Version"
> If DCount("[autonumberID]", "app.path/phonetel.mdb") > 20 Or Date > #9/30/2010#
> Then
> DoCmd.DeleteObject acForm, "frmCriticalform"
> DoCmd.DeleteObject acForm, "frmanothercritical form"
> MsgBox strMSG, vbCritical
> DoCmd.Quit acQuitSaveAll
> End If

Everything should convert straight over, except for DoCmd. DoCmd is part of the Office library. To do the same thing in VB6 is probably possible, but it's hard to remember that far back.

Okej tinstaafl

I will try



It did not work at all

Some other suggestion please

Some other suggestion please

you can insert the date into db and then compare this date everytime when an application runs.

I did that and goes good.

Thanks folks