this is Kavi ,i am doing MCA in Madras university, looking for best java base ieee project center in chennai,could any one help

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you think there's a "center" for that? there are way too much reasons for us not to 'hand out' a topic for a project. I'll just sum a few up:
1. we don't know your knowledge
2. we don't know your strengths
3. we don't know your assignments/projects minimal requirements
4. we don't know anything about the time you have to complete it
5. we don't know your background
6. we don't know what your professor expects
7. finding a topic within those parameters ís part of your assignment
8. we don't know your interests, so we can't decide on a topic you'll actually be motivated for

if you do want project ideas, look at the sticky threads on top of the Java forum.

  1. we don't want to end up doing your homework and actually writing your paper, which would inevitably be the next demand you come up with.

naive , idiotic posts like these not only make you look stupid , but also invites bias from the global audience towards people from your part of the world.

im not far from where you are , and if you want a job after what your doing now , i suggest you spend time on something you're more familiar with already. something which you can work on and then post on forums when you face some troubles implementing your ideas.

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